Dynamic Systems Approach to Waterproofing and Restoration

Executive Viewpoint

Miracote Executive Viewpoint

The Miracote MPC Parking Deck System
George Reedy, Miracote’s national sales director, discusses the MPC Parking Deck System and how it creates more durable parking decks on concrete structures.
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Industry Perspective

Miracote Industry Perspective

Experts Serving Experts
The MPC Parking Deck System provides contractors with the opportunity to reduce call backs and warranty claims, says Trevor Foster, Miracote’s western sales manager.
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Top Reasons

Miracote Top Reasons

Miracle System
Top 10 reasons why the MPC Parking Deck System is the valued-engineered solution to maintain valuable structures.
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Fast Facts

Miracote Fast Facts

MPC Parking Deck FAQs
What is the MPC Parking Deck System and what sets it apart from other deck treatments?
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The Need for Annual Inspections of Parking Decks
Nearly a dozen parking decks in the U.S. had portions of their structures collapse in the last two years. Read more >

Helping Your Clients Protect Their Investment
The results of a Northeastern University study served as a reminder that proper surface protection is an important element to every parking deck maintenance program. Read more >

Protecting Deck Reinforcement From Corrosion
Keeping rebar free from moisture is the best way to prevent corrosion, but this is a difficult task for parking deck owners due to the openness of their structures. Read more >

Don’t Forget The Walkways
While many parking structure owners focus on vehicular areas, maintaining safe promenades, pedestrian areas, and stairs is also very important. Read more >

MPC Parking Deck System Lab Test